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BSPwm is a tiling window manager that represents windows as the leaves of a full binary tree. bspwm supports multiple monitors and is configured and controlled through messages.

BSPwm is a minimalist window manager, it does not handle any keyboard or pointer input, it does not include a taskbar, a third-party program (eg sxhkd) is needed to translate keyboard and pointer events to bspc invocations. In Hash Linux we have taken care of configuring and making it more user-friendly, including all the necessary tools for its use.

In Hash Linux Bspwm edition we seek to facilitate (or eliminate) the customization work by offering you a ready-to-use window manager and with various tools included and preconfigured.

Hash is a constantly evolving and developing distro so you will receive regular updates and improvements in both appearance and base system because it is based on Arch Linux, a rolling release distribution.

Our distro includes the Official Hash repositories + Official Arch repositories + AUR repositories (optional) with the packages always up to date.

  • Download Hash Linux I Bspwm x86_64 (lastest) OSDN
  • Download Hash Linux I Bspwm x86_64 (lastest) Sourceforge
  • Download Hash Linux I Bspwm x86_64 (previous)
  • Bspwm github