No bootloader installed in MBR when istalling alongside Ubuntu 20.10

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Hi! I'm trying to install Hash Linux alongside with already installed Ubuntu 20.10 on my laptop only one SSD (nvme0n1) and after the installation Ubuntu boots as usual with it's silent bootloader, and there is no obvious way to boot into Hash. Could you please fix the installer or maybe suggest how can I edit Ubuntu GRUB to enable it to boot the Hash?


  1. Just want to let you know 1) I tried similar setup installing Garuda Linux (which appears to use the same type of install app) alongside Ubuntu, and it worked well. I.e. it installed it’s own GRUB with added Ubuntu option. 2) I found a workaround to boot into Hash now hitting Esc on my Asus laptop to get to the boot menu. Then I select to boot directly from the drive and it loads the Hash GRUB.

  2. Hello, you have several ways to solve this problem:

    1) Update ubuntu grub using update-grub and use this as default

    2) Change the boot order in your bios

    3) Remove Ubuntu’s default grub

    Anyway in the next release it will be solved. Thanks!

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