All about Hash Linux

Hash Linux is a somewhat more complete Arch-based distribution for an end user since it has a much simpler installation and includes a large part of the tools necessary for day-to-day life. It is constantly updated to always be at the forefront and avoid mistakes.

What public is it focused on?

Our distribution is aimed at people with intermediate Linux knowledge or for adventurous novices who want to learn and experience new experiences.

Why use Hash linux?

Most derived distributions are overloaded which makes them extremely slow and complex. We try to keep the system as simple as possible. But you say … why not use ArchLinux? Well, you can do it if you have enough time to do it, keeping in mint that ArchLinux requires a lot of work to make it usable, and even more when you use a window manager because they come without any customization.

Can I install any desktop environment?

Yes, you can install the one of your preference, but keep in mind that it is optimized and developed to fully work with window managers.

Will any desktop environment be included?

No no and no. In Hash Linux we will never include desktop environments by default, we were born using window managers and so we will die. Desktop environments come overloaded and are impractical.

How often should I update?

In general, packages are kept updated for the better and to optimize their operation so it would be advisable to constantly check for new updates. Our isos are updated 2-3 times a month to keep them always fresh.

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