About updates

Hash Linux are constantly making changes to improve the user experience and correct errors, being a rolling release does not require a fresh installation to apply these changes. Usually the bug fixes come in updates so it is will apply automatically when updating the system. In the improvements and aesthetic corrections does not happen the same, to apply them you must use the Hash Theme Selector tool and reset the theme to your preference, this erases your old configuration, for this reason we advise you that if you feel comfortable with the aesthetic part do not perform any manual intervention when updating. This does not affect the operation of your system or stop applying the security updates, it just won’t have the aesthetic changes of the window manager.

The updated configuration files with the improvements applied are placed in /etc/skel so if you have experience you can review these files and compare it with your configurations and apply the ones you consider appropriate.

In each release we publish a post with the changelogs including the steps to follow in case you want to apply them.

How to update?