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Hash Linux was here!

An AWESOME distro for AWESOME people!

  • Hash Linux Awesome

    Awesome is a highly configurable, next generation framework window manager for X..

  • Hash Linux Xmonad

    Xmonad is a dynamically tiling X11 window manager that is written and configured in Haskell.

  • Hash Linux i3

    i3 is a tiling window manager, completely written from scratch.

  • Hash Linux BSPWM

    Bspwm is a tiling window manager that represents windows as the leaves of a full binary tree.

Our Linux distro rolling release and 100% free


Hash Linux is a free Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution available in 4 versions: Awesome, Xmonad, i3 and Bspwm. It is designed and developed for those users who love Linux and want to enter the wonderful world of window managers but are not encouraged to customize them due to laziness or lack of time.

In all versions we offer several tools open source (but without overloading the distro) that facilitate the use of all available window managers and other useful tools such as: